Presale Terms and Conditions

Dear visitors, welcome to the website which is used for booking, ordering and purchasing tickets to cultural, social, food, sporting and other events (hereinafter referred to as events). By purchasing tickets in any form, the customer agrees to these terms and conditions and agrees to follow them.

Portal operator

Turistické informační centrum města Brna, příspěvková organizace - Tourist Information Centre of the City of Brno (hereinafter referred to as TICmB), IČ (Company Identification Number): 00101460, DIČ (Tax Identification Number): CZ00101460, with its registered office: Radnická 2 - 10, Brno – město, 658 78 (also contact address), registered in the CR of the Regional Court in Brno, Section Pr, File 18.

Personal Data Protection

By providing personal data to the operator or by purchasing a ticket, the customer gives consent to the operator to the processing of personal data.

In accordance with the Act on Personal Data Protection and Amending Certain Laws no. 101/2000 Coll., the operator guarantees that there will be no unauthorised or accidental access to personal data, its alteration, destruction or loss, unauthorised transmission, other unauthorised processing, nor other misuse of personal data.

Claim Procedure

  • All admission fees paid are non-refundable.
  • A purchased ticket is non-exchangeable. In case of damage, destruction, loss or theft of a ticket, the ticket will not be replaced with another and a refund will not be issued to the customer.
  • Tickets must be kept in a safe place and their misuse must be prevented.
  • Ticket falsification is a crime, any additional modifications make the ticket invalid.
  • The customer must always follow the rules laid down by the event organiser. The customer must also follow the operating and visitor rules of the event venue.
  • Each event organiser reserves the right to change the programme, date and venue. By purchasing a ticket, the customer acknowledges this right of the organiser.
  • TICmB is not the organiser of all events for which tickets are sold, but it provides their sale and distribution always on behalf and on the account of the organiser of the respective event. The purchase of a ticket for an event establishes a legal relationship between the customer buying the ticket, and the organiser of the event. All claims of the customer are therefore always directed towards the organiser of the event.
  • TICmB is in no way responsible for actions of the organiser of any of the events and for the case that it does not take place, it is not responsible for any change in events or their dates or venues, neither is it responsible for the course of events, for any incidents that occur at events or for anything that originates in these events. It is not responsible for any damage or any other harm incurred by the customer or any third party in connection with the event. It is in particular not responsible for any expenses incurred by the customer in connection with the event, its change, cancellation or organisation. Any complaints must always be filed with the relevant event organiser.
  • The complaint must always be filed with the seller from whom the tickets were purchased.
  • If the event is cancelled, a refund for the entrance fee must be claimed at the point of sale where the ticket was purchased within 30 days, unless specified otherwise for the particular event.
  • Any claims other than those based on the fact that the event was completely cancelled by the organiser will be forwarded by TICmB for comment or direct handling to the organiser of the respective event.

The operator reserves the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time.

Send any questions or complaints by e-mail to the Head of Presale at:, or call: 542 427 130.

This is Brno Information Centre

This is Brno Information Centre

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