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Let's walk around the city centre of Brno and find out where people used to go for more than just a cup of coffee one hundred years ago. What was the purpose of the café in 1920's and 1930's? How were they established? And why didn't they survive communism regime? Come and try to find out answers to these questions with David and learn that there is one, which survived! 

Plan of a walk: Freedom Square – Avion Hotel – Moravian Square – Koliště Park – Malinovsky Square – Josefská Street 
Meeting point: sign BRNO – Old Town Hall Square 

Duration: 1,5 hours 

This tour is barrier-free. We welcome parents with strollers as well as well-behaved dogs. 

Guide: David Pokorný 

TIC BRNO p.o. IČO: 00101460

75 Kč – děti od 7 let, studenti, senioři, ZTP, ZTP-P
375 Kč – rodinné vstupné (2 dospělí, 2 děti)

22. 7. 2023
Meeting point: Old Town Hall
150 Kč
Fyzicky lze vstupenky koupit v informačním centru TO JE BRNO

+420 513 039 035
+420 602 404 246

Panenská 1
602 00 Brno

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