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Who does not know the legendary French commander Emperor Napoleon I. His famous victory in the battle of the "Three Emperors" on December 2, 1805 near Slavkov, on the battlefield southeast of Brno, is known to almost every history lover. On his campaign from the English Channel to the central Europe, during which he pursued Russian and the Austrian troops who unsuccessfully tried to invade France, he reached Brno in November 1805. It was then occupied by French troops and Napoleon himself stayed in the city. Four years later, in the summer and autumn of 1809, during the so-called Danube campaign, French troops arrived in Moravia and in Brno again, and the legendary warlord Emperor Napoleon I returned to the battlefield, where he fought one of the most important battles of his career, and briefly to the city too.  

During the approximately two-hour walk in the center of Brno, we will learn what the occupation of the town looked like, where Napoleon, his staff and the generals were housed, what happened in the city, which suffered greatly from the occupation in 1805 in particular, and which places were the main scene of the events at that time. We will also learn about the transformation of the city and these places from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day. 

 Waypoints: Moravian Square - St. Jacob´s Church - Jezuitská Street - Freedom Square - Orlí Street - Vegetable Market - Denis Park 

Meeting Point: Equestrian statue of the Margrave Jošt on Moravian Square   

Duration: 2 hours 

Is the tour suitable for wheelchair users? Yes, for the fittest. 

Is the tour suitable for people with reduced mobility? Most of the tour is not difficult, the final passages (uphill) are somewhat more difficult for older people. 

Guide name: PhDr. Jaromír Hanák 

TIC BRNO p.o. IČO: 00101460

75 Kč – děti od 7 let, studenti, senioři, ZTP, ZTP-P
375 Kč – rodinné vstupné (2 dospělí, 2 děti)

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