I want to pay for a pre-booked reservation online

To pay online and download or print out the tickets yourself, it is necessary for you to use the customer login with your name and password. If you don’t know your password, click on “Reset password”.

After you sign in with your e-mail and password, you will see your reservation in the My purchases list. For a selected reservation, open the reservation’s Detail and press the button Pay by card. Then play for the reservation online by card and save or print the tickets.

I’m searching for my paid tickets. I want to download/print them.

It is recommended to save or print the tickets immediately after payment. The tickets can also be saved or printed later. To download or print it is necessary to use the Customer sign-in using the e-mail provided when purchasing the tickets and a password. If you don’t know your password, click on “Reset password”.

If you can’t find your tickets, contact the head of advance bookings Mgr. Martina Michálková at: michalkova@ticbrno.cz

Can I have paid tickets refunded?

Tickets cannot be refunded if the schedule hasn’t been changed or the event hasn’t been cancelled. By purchasing tickets, you agree to the terms and conditions, which alert you of this fact. You may offer the tickets to family members, friends and acquaintances or find someone who would be interested in them.

How should I proceed when I have tickets for an event that has been cancelled?

If an even is cancelled, we follow the rules in the terms and conditions. The admission fee for an event organised by TIC BRNO will be refunded at the point of sale. The admission fee paid in person in cash or by card at the point of sale (infocentre) will be refunded for the ticket within 60 days from the date when the event should’ve been held. If the admission fee was paid online via a payment gateway, the admission fee will be refunded directly to the account; otherwise, we will contact you by email to offer a change to a different time or monetary refund. If it concerns an event by another organiser, the rules set by the event’s organiser apply. The event’s organiser is stated on the websites and tickets.