Terms and Conditions

Dear Visitors,
Welcome to our webpage vstupenky.ticbrno.cz, which is used for reserving, ordering and purchasing tickets to cultural, social, gastronomic, sporting and other events (hereinafter referred to as the “events”). By purchasing a ticket in any form, the customer expresses agreement with the terms and conditions and agrees to follow them.


Portal Operator

TIC BRNO, a public benefit organisation (hereinafter referred to as “TIC”), Comp. Reg. No.: 00101460, Tax No. CZ00101460 with its registered office at: Radnická 365/2, Brno, 602 00 (also the contact address), entered into the Commercial Register with the Regional Court in Brno, File No. Pr. 18.

The Subject Regulated by the Terms and Conditions

TIC’s Terms and Conditions regulate the rights and responsibilities between TIC and third parties based on the sale of tickets for events through the sales network operated by TIC and any and all relations connected with it.

Glossary of Terms

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions and the relationship between TIC and third parties, as well as those parties to each other, the terms stated below are defined as follows:

Event: Musical, theatrical or other cultural performance or sporting match and furthermore all other events (exhibitions, conferences, training, trade fairs, etc.) characterised by the use of free time by the user at a prescheduled time and specified venue.

Organiser: TIC or a natural person or legal entity distinct from TIC organising a specific Event.

Customer: A person using the TIC sales network or TIC services to enter into a contractual agreement with the Organiser in order to participate in an Event, especially prior to entering into of this contractual agreement.

TIC sales network: Ordering and distribution system run by TIC, allowing the Customers to primarily order, reserve, sell and issue Tickets. The sales channels of the TIC network especially mean the B&M shops – information centres and Web Portal.

Tickets: A document (voucher) issued within the TIC sales network, entitling the Ticket holder and other persons in the total number stated on the Ticket to a once only entry to a specific Event. By presenting a Ticket while entering the Event’s venue, the person exercising the right under the Ticket expresses agreement with the operational rules of the Event’s venue, compliance with the Organiser’s instructions and the terms and conditions of the Event the ticket makes binding.

Web Portal: TIC webpages at vstupenky.ticbrno.cz providing information on the Events offered and for ordering additional services and Tickets to these Events. The web browser Chrome must be installed to ensure proper functionality, creation of reservations and purchase of Tickets and services on this portal.

Contractual Relationships

The Organiser is exclusively the person responsible for the staging and content of individual Events.
TIC is not the organiser of all events for which tickets are being sold.

If TIC is not the organiser, it only provides sales and distribution of tickets, always on behalf and at the expense of the organiser of a given event. By purchasing a ticket to an event, a legal relationship between the customer buying the ticket and the organiser of the event is established. Therefore, any and all of the customer’s claims should always be directed to the organiser of the event.

By buying a Ticket, the customer enters into a contractual relationship with a specific Organiser of an Event and said relationship entails the provision of a service making use of one’s free time at a prescheduled time, in a form enabling the personal participation of the Ticket holders to the Event in question at the Ticket’s fixed price, with everything under the terms and conditions stipulated in the instructions publicised by the Organiser and these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Event Participation agreement”).

If TIC isn’t the organiser of the event, it acts as the representative of the Organiser and for the Organiser’s expenses to the degree necessary to enter into the Event Participation Agreement between the Organiser and the Customer, publication of the Organiser’s information and instructions for each Event and acceptance of the price for the provision of the Organiser’s services by the Customer, or for handling the Organiser’s other stated affairs as the case may be.

The relevant Organiser is exclusively responsible for carrying out and meeting the Event Participation Agreement for the event, including the times, quality and scope of the Event offered. They reserve the right to make changes. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the purchase of a Ticket means the payment of the price for the provision of the Organiser’s service under the entered into the Event Participation Agreement for the event. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the Customer is required to direct any and all claims under the Event Participation Agreement for the event, including the refund of an admission fee, to the Event’s Organiser.

By using services of the TIC sales network and using or registering on the Web Portal, the Customer also enters into a relationship with TIC to the extent stated in these Terms and Conditions, especially in connection with the protection of the Customer’s personal data or with the use of reservation services if the TIC network and expressing their express consent to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Purchased tickets cannot be refunded.

Ticket Sales

Tickets of the specified type can be purchased in the following ways:

1)    sold directly at the point of sale

2)    sold on-line through the Web Portal – so-called eTickets

Buying Tickets at the point of sale:
The customer can purchase Tickets in printed form at sales points during the opening hours of the outlet without prior reservation, provided that Tickets of the required type are on offer and have not been sold out.

A Ticket is non-transferable. A purchased ticked may not be returned or exchanged and paid entrance fees are not returned. The ticket expires after leaving the Event venue. Any kind of unauthorised interference on the ticket renders the ticket invalid and its holder will be denied access to the given Event. A ticket is a form of stamp or security, and its modification or falsification is regarded as a serious misdemeanour and criminal offence.

When purchasing a ticket, a contractual relationship is established between the ticket holder and the Event Organiser.
At the Event venue, the ticket holder is obliged to follow the Operational Rules as well as the instructions of the Organiser and organising services. The Organiser is not liable for damage or injury caused to the property and health of the visitor if they are caused by illegal or otherwise inappropriate behaviour of the ticket holder or other persons present. In order to protect visitors and other participants in the Event, the ticket holder is obliged to present an identity document at the venue if requested to do so by the organising service.  The Organiser and other authorised persons reserve the right to make any kind of recording of the Event. In the case of making a photographic and other record during the Event, or in connection with the Event, the ticket owner gives their consent to its use without any claim to financial compensation. The Organiser reserves the right to change the programme. If the Event is cancelled, the Organiser shall provide notification, at the outlet where the ticket was purchased, of an alternative date for holding the event, or else the method of refunding the entrance fee. Compensation of costs in connection with accommodation and travel, etc., shall not be provided.

Buying Tickets on-line through the Web Portal – eTickets:

An eTicket is a full-fledged ticket, and the holder must take full responsibility for the way they treat it. An eTicket contains a unique number and bar code, and these identifying features authorise access only once, and only upon their first use, to the venue at which the Event is held. If the eTicket is copied, the ticket holder runs the risk that they will not be admitted to the Event venue and that they shall bear all the legal consequences and damage thereby arising, irrespective of whether they have presented the original or copy of the eTicket.

Ticket purchases at points of sale

The customer may purchase printed Tickets at points of sale during opening hours of that vendor without prior reservation provided the required type of Tickets are on offer, and they aren’t sold out.

Prices and Postage

The price is given on the Web Portal or communicated to the Customer prior to purchasing the Ticket by the staff at the point of sale. The price is always valid at the moment of purchase. Unless stated otherwise, the price of the Ticket is given with the VAT and includes any and all presale charges except any delivery costs.


The Customer must check immediately upon purchase of the tickets their correctness and completeness (especially the name of the Event, venue and time of Event, price and number of Tickets and other parameters). The Customer must lodge any complaints regarding the content of the Tickets with the staff at the point of sale immediately upon collecting them in person or, if the Tickets are delivered by Post, then no later than 3 days in writing by post to TIC’s address or their email address (vstupenky@ticbrno.cz) provided on the Web Portal. Complaints lodged later will not be considered. Contractual points of sale or the Web Portal being out of order is not subject to a complaint.

A complaint concerning the Event itself – especially changes in its programme, rescheduling or in extreme cases cancellation of the Event, including claims for compensation arising from harm caused to the Customer or any other third person in connection to the Event – and any and all claims under the Event Participation Agreement for the Event the Customer must be lodged directly with the Organiser of the Event.

By purchasing the tickets, the Customer agrees with the wording of TIC’s General Terms and Conditions. Payment of the order is final; Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged, unless stated otherwise.

Admission Fee Refunds and Replacements by the Organiser

For each Event, rescheduling at short notice is possible. Rescheduling of Events is announced on the Web Portal or, if necessary, in the press and other media as chosen by TIC. The Customer must check any possible rescheduling and comply with their changes.

Conditions for refunding an admission fee in the case of total cancellation of an Event are set by the relevant Organiser of the Event.

Customers will lodge their claims under the Event Participation Agreement for an event directly with the Organiser. In the event of a cancelled Event, Customers will be informed about how tickets can be refunded at each Contractual Point of Sale, on the Web Portal or in the form of a reply to a question sent to vstupenky@ticbrno.cz.

Personal Data Protection

TIC processes personal data in accordance with European Union law, especially in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as the “GDPR”), furthermore in accordance with international agreements to which the Czech Republic is bound, especially in accordance with the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with Regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data No. 108, issued under no. 115/2001 Coll.  int. agt. as well as in agreement with national legislation, which is especially Act No. 101/2000 Coll. on Personal Data Protection and on Amendments to Several Acts, as amended (hereinafter referred to as “ZOOU”). By providing personal data (name, surname and address, e-mail and telephone contact of the purchaser), TIC assumes the role of personal data administrator.

Complete information on TIC’s rules and principles for handling personal data can be found on the organisation’s website: www.ticbrno.cz

Final Provisions

The provisions aimed at protecting the consumer in accordance with the legislation and these terms and conditions do not apply to Customers that do not enter into contractual relationships with the Organiser and/or TIC as business entities. Due to the nature of the services provided and provision of Sec. 1837 para. j) of the Civil Code, the customer may not withdraw from the Event Participation Agreement for an event.

If any of these Terms and Conditions become invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, the validity, efficacy or enforceability of the other provisions remain unaffected. The Terms and Conditions come into validity and effect on 1 September 2021, and TIC reserves the right to change any of them.